Change order of Custom Taxonomy List

By default WordPress orders custom taxonomies (as tags in this case) by alphabetical order not by the order they were entered in the tag box. Is anyone aware of a way to show the custom taxonomies in the order they were entered in the post edit screen? The url in question is: The GGW (Goes Good With) artists are currently in alphabetical order and they want it changed so that they are ordered the same way they were entered. So if the enter it Artist1, Artist3, Artist2 that’s how…

How can I add a custom column to the "Manage Categories" table?

I’ve done this with posts, but I can’t find the proper way to reference the category table’s columns. I’m trying to add a column titled « Image » to the table, so that when the table grid of categories is displayed, if there is a category image assigned to the category, it will appear in the grid. The first step for me is to determine the proper filter to address in order to insert the columb into the table. I’ve tried each of these to no avail… add_filter(‘manage_categories_columns’, ‘myFunction’, 10, 2); add_filter(‘manage_category_columns’,…

Remove_filter (‘the_content’, ‘wpautop’) is not working

I’ve tried disabling WP’s auto-paragraph thingy using remove_filter (‘the_content’, ‘wpautop’); but I am still getting my stuff wrapped in automatic <p> tags… What am I doing wrong? Its at the bottom of a functions file. Its not in functions.php, but in a file that functions.php includes (and putting it in functions.php doesn’t change the behaviour at all). Update: var_dump( $wp_filter[‘the_content’] ); outputs NULL. How can I test why this filter isn’t being run? Source:

Disable comment rss feeds for pages in wordpress

I am currently working on the completion of a custom template and my last hurdle is to be able to remove the comments feed link being added to the head of the page. For example: in firefox when you open any of the pages on my site there is an rss icon, when clicked I am shown 3 options to add to my reader but the last two are related to comments. The culprits are located in the <link rel= »alternate » type= »application/rss+xml » title= »Example Title &raquo; Comments Feed » href= » » /> <link rel= »alternate »…

How to control manual excerpt length?

I have a website in which I need to control the displayed excerpt length. Some of the posts might have manual excerpt so I can’t use the excerpt_length filter. I can, of course, use some kind of substr(), but was looking for a more elegant solution (if such exists). Source: