How to change the category url jusy show /category/%category_id% in wordpress?

I want to change the article url as www.***.com/post/%post_id% For example, www.***.com/post/156/ And now, I did it. But I don’t know how to change the category like this. For example, www.***.com/category/12/ Generally, the category url is: www.***.com/category/cat1/cat1.1/cat1.1.1/ I want to get: www.***.com/category/cat1.1.1/ And now I want to only display the ID of the cat1.1.1, like: www.***.com/category/12/ ( the id of cat1.1.1 is 12 ) Source:

Trouver une idée de site internet / blog

Maintenant, pour créer un site, il faut trouver une idée de site internet / blog sur laquelle va porter le site / le blog. Vous avez peut-être déjà une idée, vous avez peut-être déjà trouvé la thématique sur laquelle vous souhaitez vous lancer, ce qui est une bonne chose. Avant de commencer, cet article fait […] L’article Trouver une idée de site internet / blog est apparu en premier sur Numelion – Construisez votre projet digital. Source:

Web Design Weekly #373

Headlines CSS Architecture for Modern JavaScript Applications Mike Riethmuller’s attempt to modernise some learnings from CSS architecture and how he apply them in the context to modern JavaScript applications. ( The 2019 Web Almanac ( 25% Off Online UX Design Courses – Invest in a UX Education This Black Friday Treat yourself to an online education in UX design. You get 25% off a 1-year membership so you can invest in your career. As a non-profit organization, we’ll use a proportion of the funds to sponsor memberships for those who…

Découvrir l’interface de WordPress

On va pouvoir s’attaquer à l’interface de WordPress. Comme on le voit dans les emails, on a reçu une confirmation de l’installation de WordPress. Donc c’est notre hébergeur qui s’en est occupé pour nous, c’est parfait. Avant de commencer, cet article fait partie de la formation CUSIBAW. Ma formation gratuite et libre d’accès pour créer […] L’article Découvrir l’interface de WordPress est apparu en premier sur Numelion – Construisez votre projet digital. Source:

Mirror Android Device to Computer

As I continue my adventure into Android development, pair programming has been a huge help in learning this new platform. When it’s time to build and run the app, relying on the emulator is a fools’ game — the emulator is slow and it’s hard to reliably simulate gestures. If you have an android device, like a phone or tablet, you can plug it into your computer and mirror the display to your computer using an awesome utility called scrcpy! Start by installing scrcpy with Homebrew: brew install scrcpy You…

create order and redirect to payment website in woocommerce

I am creating woo commerce payment gateway plugin. Its working fine now i want to redirect to payment gateway website. my flow is like create order in woo commerce then redirect to payment gateway website with woo commerce id and then after payment made redirect to my WP website and update payment status. please check my code below /once validation done process to payment public function process_payment($order_id) { global $woocommerce; $this->order = wc_get_order( $order_id ); if ( $this->order->get_total() > 0 ) { // ORDER IS CREATED AND NOW REDIRECT TO…

Firing schema via code in functions.php doesn’t work

I’ve been banging my head against the wall trying to get schema figured out, so if anyone can help me, I’d appreciate it greatly. I’m trying to manually add my schema via custom fields, and then firing the schema via a function in my child theme’s functions.php. Well, When I input this code <?php $schema = get_post_meta(get_the_ID(), ‘schema’, true); if(!empty($schema)) { echo $schema; } ?> into my functions.php, I’m met with this error. Your PHP code changes were rolled back due to an error on line 27 of file wp-content/themes/astra-child/functions.php.…

How to get all posts from parent and children categories?

I am trying to get all posts from category products. My template looks like this: /products/PARENT_CATEGORY/CHILD_CATEGORY. What I need is all the posts from every CHILD_CATEGORY. I try to access it via /posts?categories=28, but it returns no posts, as the category with ID of 28 doesn’t have any posts itself. But its child, for example, category with ID of 40, has some posts. Should I access them like /posts?categories=40,41,42…? Or there is another way to do it? Source:

Web Design Weekly #372

Headlines Don’t Serve Burnt Pizza When you ship a minimum viable product you risk not actually testing your product, but rather a poor or flawed version of it. A bit of a topical point but I feel Jiaona Zhang nails it. ( Opening up the data behind your design systems ( Sponsor Web Design Weekly and reach over 30,142 passionate designers and developers Articles No, Absolutely Not Robin Rendle has some wise words around the difference between a junior and senior front-end developer. Worth a read as he has some…

Image Lazy Loading

Lazy loading images is a practice that’s been popular for a decade and for good reason: images are usually the heaviest downloads on a given webpage and avoiding unloading images that are never seen saves the user bandwidth. There are plugins for lazy loading images in every JavaScript framework, or you could use Intersection Observer API, but it’s become such a common practice that there should probably be a browser API to accommodate it…and Chrome is implementing just that. Let’s have a look at how the incoming native lazy loading…