Honor X10 Max 5G giant debuts alongside smaller Honor 30 Lite 5G

Phablets have one the moment Apple swallowed its own words and launched a plus-sized iPhone in 2014. But while phones sporting at most 6.5-inch screens have become common, those with displays spanning 7 inches have all but disappeared. Honor is bringing that back with the 7.09-inch Honor X10 Max 5G but, at the same time, is offering something lighter in … Continue reading Source: slashgear gaming

LG B Project rollable phone may launch early next year

Although some may praise Samsung for innovations like the Galaxy Fold, LG perhaps deserves some commendation for launching more “experimental” smartphones in the market, even if they end up being a flop. From the misnamed curved LG G Flex to the modular LG G5 to its recent batch of the dual-screen accessories for its phones, LG seems to be less … Continue reading Source: slashgear gaming

Olympus software turns some OM-D cameras into webcams

Olympus might have called it quits making cameras themselves but it hasn’t exactly walked out of the camera market completely. In addition to focusing on interchangeable lenses, no pun intended, the company continues to support its existing cameras already out there in the wild. In fact, it has even announced a new feature that puts it on the same level … Continue reading Source: slashgear gaming

Nintendo game codes can no longer be sold by European retailers

Digital distribution of games has definitely made it easier to acquire games without having to worry about physical media that may be damaged for good. It’s a double-edged sword, though, as publishers and game companies can decide to remove access to digital titles and that’s that. This greater control on the part of companies reared its head once again, this … Continue reading Source: slashgear gaming

Apple reportedly rushing suppliers to prevent iPhone 12 delays

There has been no shortage of rumors that this year’s iPhones could be delayed by a few months. Some even paint a worst-case scenario of an early 2021 shipping date. Apple, of course, would have none of that and is reportedly pushing its supply chain partners to make up for lost time. Whether that will be enough to narrow the … Continue reading Source: slashgear gaming

Pixel 3a and 3a XL have been discontinued, Pixel 4a may be near

All good things must come to an end, they say, and as far as the recent Pixel lineup is concerned, the Pixel 3a siblings may have been one Google’s better ones. Despite the less powerful specs, it was generally better received than the Pixel 3 and definitely more than the Pixel 4. Now, however, the smartphones have officially been discontinued, … Continue reading Source: slashgear gaming

Google Sheets will soon auto-complete your data for you

Some people might laugh at it but spreadsheets are still the most popular and most widely-used tools for handling data. That’s sometimes even when dealing with tons of data, which is definitely no walk in the park. But while the concept of a table of data is admittedly old-school, it doesn’t mean spreadsheets have to stay locked in the past. … Continue reading Source: slashgear gaming

Ford F-150 debuts B&O Unleashed’s 18-speaker system

Last week, Ford announced one of its most notable newest vehicles, the 2021 F-150 pickup. The first in its series to offer a full hybrid option, the truck boasts of the latest in automotive and manufacturing technologies. It turns out, there was one innovation that was not so silently sitting inside that didn’t get much traction. Now partner HARMAN is … Continue reading Source: slashgear gaming