Purism Librem 14 brings hardware kill switches to a bigger laptop

Recent events have put privacy-conscious people in a dilemma. The need to protect their privacy from both corporations and governments has become even more critical but, at the same time, the use of technologies like computers, smartphones, and the Internet has also become inescapable. Purism is one of the few companies that has put protecting privacy as their actual business … Continue reading Source: slashgear gaming

Microsoft Edge has reportedly come close to being intrusive nagware

With Microsoft Edge, Microsoft was supposedly heading in a fresh new direction without the gigantic baggage that Internet Explorer brings with it, both technically and legally. After a brief attempt at carving its own path, Microsoft decided to cut its losses and build upon the same Chromium base used by Google Chrome. Now that Microsoft Edge is finally out of … Continue reading Source: slashgear gaming

Huawei Apps Up contest calls for apps using its Google Play replacement

For that past year or so, Huawei has been hurriedly setting up the foundations that would allow it to operate a mobile ecosystem even without Google. It has many of those already in place, including its own AppGallery store and Huawei Mobile Services as a stand-in for Google Mobile Services. Now, however, comes the challenge of filling that store with … Continue reading Source: slashgear gaming

Amazon Prime Video Windows app lets you download videos with a catch

Microsoft has long been trying to populate its app store, pushing every development framework, from UPWs to PWAs, to entice developers to jump in. There have been, however, some movement going in the opposite direction, with developers and brands exiting the Microsoft Store instead. That store just got one big addition to its list of apps but while the Amazon … Continue reading Source: slashgear gaming

Fortnite Captain America outfit lets you be the First Avenger

Independence Day in the US this year is going to be a rather memorable one given the rather complex mix of situations there right now. Some might decide to just spend it indoors while still spending it with others in some good old Internet-based social experience. For some, that means competing with masses of other players to stay on top … Continue reading Source: slashgear gaming

Motorola One Fusion joins the mid-range Android fray

Motorola is the new Samsung in the sense of flooding the smartphone market with nearly indistinguishable options. Barely a month after it announced the One Fusion+, the company is now revealing the base model for that already mid-range phone. The Motorola One Fusion probably won’t wow anyone with its specs but it can at least masquerade as its slightly more … Continue reading Source: slashgear gaming

Samsung launched a UV Sterilizer for phones and small objects

Don’t be surprised if you notice a rise in gadgets that use ultraviolet light to kill bacteria. Although not exactly a way to kill the COVID-19 coronavirus, these trinkets promise peace of mind by killing the other harmful organisms that could weaken your immune system against the deadly virus. ZAGG recently launched such “UV sanitizers” for smartphones and, unsurprisingly, Samsung … Continue reading Source: slashgear gaming

Atari VCS console has a new and hopefully final launch date

Atari’s recreation of its 80s home console is unique in many ways. It isn’t a miniature version, for one, and it is also terribly late. In fact, it proudly celebrated the second anniversary of its Indiegogo crowdfunding last May. After setbacks, delays, drama, and even more delays, the Atari VCS may finally be ready to launch in the last quarter … Continue reading Source: slashgear gaming

Galaxy Z Flip custom skin service launched in South Korea

The clamshell design of the new Motorola Razr and the Galaxy Z Flip might hardly be what many people envision when they hear the words “foldable phone”. That design, however, was not only cheaper to make but also seemed to appeal to a certain class of smartphone users. Clamshells or flip phones, despite coming from an age gone by, have … Continue reading Source: slashgear gaming

iPhone 12 Pro might not get that 120Hz display after all

Apple is slowly blurring the lines that separate its devices and platforms. This year’s iPhones, for example, may even look like miniature iPad Pros. That doesn’t mean it will get the same features, of course, but there’s still some discussion on what features the iPhone 12 may inherit from Apple’s slates. As with the LIDAR camera, there is still no … Continue reading Source: slashgear gaming