Streaming HBO Max On AT&T Won’t Count Towards Data Cap

Stream video content consumes data, that is a fact. However, it seems that if you’re an AT&T subscriber and you’re also subscribed to HBO Max (which launched late April), it looks like streaming HBO Max on your mobile device won’t actually count towards your data cap, meaning that you’ll essentially be able to stream it unlimited without worrying about it consuming your mobile data allocation.This was initially brought up during […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology

AT&T Agrees To Stop Using The ‘5G Evolution’ Marketing Term

Last year, AT&T decided to change the labeling on its phones where instead of displaying LTE, the company “upgraded” it to “5G E”. This caused a bit of controversy as it was not technically 5G, and some felt that by using the term “5G”, it would mislead customers into thinking that they had 5G when they really did not.That being said, moving forwards it seems that AT&T has agreed that […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology

AT&T’s LTE Will Be Used To Power Robots That Can Help Disinfect Surfaces

These days ensuring that surfaces are clean and free from bacteria and viruses is more important than ever, no thanks to the COVID-19 virus that has been spreading like wildfire across the world. However, AT&T thinks that they can help, and thanks to the use of its LTE network, companies like XENEX are using it to power robots that can help disinfect surfaces.The company’s LightStrike Germ-Zapping Robots use pulsed xenon […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology

Carriers Are Displaying ‘Stay Home’ Messages On Status Bars

While social distancing will not cure the coronavirus, it will help to flatten the curve in the number of infections and help ease the burden on healthcare workers, who seem to be dealing with more patients on a daily basis. To help remind people to stay home, it appears that various carriers around the world are starting to display messages in the status bar of phones to let customers know […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology