Chromebooks Could Get On-Device Google Assistant In The Future

The problem with a lot of digital assistants is that the processing is usually done in the cloud. This is why sometimes when you ask digital assistants like Siri a question, it can take a while for it to respond, but that’s something that Google will be changing with Google Assistant where last year, they announced that they would be baking Google Assistant into devices like their Pixel phones.This means […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology

Chrome OS Will Soon Be Able To Run Windows Applications

Google’s Chrome OS platform runs either apps designed for Chrome OS, or in recent years, even Android apps. However, the good news for Chrome OS users is that in the future, you will soon be able to run Windows applications on Chrome OS. This is thanks to a partnership between Google and Parallels.For those unfamiliar, Parallels is a software known by Mac users for allowing the running of Windows apps […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology

Google Wants To Separate Chrome Updates From Chrome OS

With Google’s Chromebooks, updates to Chrome OS and the Chrome browser are tied together. This means that in order to get the latest version of Chrome, Google needs to issue a new update to Chrome OS. Given that Chromebooks do have a life expectancy, it means that eventually your Chromebook will expire, and along with that, your Chrome updates.Updates are extremely important as it means that security flaws, exploits, and […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology

Google Introduces New ‘Works With Chromebook’ Badge For Accessories

When you buy an accessory for a computer, typically on the box it shows symbols or icons that says that it is compatible with Windows or Mac computers. However, Google’s Chrome OS doesn’t get much love on that front, and while there are certain peripherals and accessories that work with Chromebooks, it isn’t always so obvious.The good news is that Google has since announced that they will be launching a […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology

Google To Temporarily Pause Chrome And Chrome OS Updates

Updates are generally welcome since they usually introduce new features, improvements, and bug fixes. However, there have been times when updates actually cause more problems than they solve, and in more severe instances, have been known to cause software to stop working entirely and even brick devices.Given that a lot of the world is now working and studying from home to help curb the spread of the coronavirus, it seems […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology