Polar’s New Fitness Smartwatch Is Aimed At Fitness Beginners

Many smartwatches and fitness trackers come with the ability to help you track your workouts, like when you run, when you swim, and so on. But what if you’re a complete beginner when it comes to working out and to wearables in general? This is an area that Polar is hoping to address with its new fitness smartwatch, the Polar Unite.Unlike other fitness wearables that simply track your workouts, the […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology

Scientists Have Found A Potential Way To Improve Age-Related Vision Loss

As we get older, our eyesight is one of the things that starts to go, which is why they say that when we are young, we should take better care of our eyes so that in the future, any issues we have might not be quite as severe. However, thanks to science and technology, perhaps there might be a way to treat it.In a study published in The Journals of […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology

Researchers Develop A Robot That Uses UVC Light To Disinfect Warehouses

Bacteria and viruses aren’t new, but if there is anything that the coronavirus pandemic has taught us, it is how easily transmittable some of them are, and how important practicing good hygiene is. While it is possible that one day the coronavirus will be a thing of the past, it doesn’t mean that we should go back to our normal ways.In fact, researchers at MIT’s CSAIL have teamed up with […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology

Singapore Offers Bluetooth COVID-19 Trackers To Senior Citizens Without A Smartphone

To help stop the spread of the coronavirus, contact tracing comes into play. This is used to help trace the path of the infection to see who the infected person might have come into contact with, which in turn allows authorities to reach out to them to get them tested and also possibly quarantined to reduce the spread as much as possible.A lot of the contact tracing efforts we’re seeing […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology

NASA Created A Necklace That Reminds Wearers Not To Touch Their Face

One of the common pieces of advice that is being given out now in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic is that you should always, always wash your hands with soap and water, and that you should avoid touching your face as much as possible. This is because as we go about our hands touch all kinds of objects which may or may not contain traces of the virus.By touching […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology

NBA Could Use Oura Rings To Help Detect COVID-19 Symptoms In Players

The COVID-19 virus pandemic has yet to be fully contained and until a vaccine can be found and administered, it has been generally advised that people should practice social distancing. This means that a lot of events that involve a lot of people, such as sporting events, need to either be put on hold or find ways to hold them safely.As far as the NBA is concerned, it seems that […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology

Robots Could Soon Help Surgeons With The Suturing Process

We’ve been seeing how AI has been used rather extensively in the medical industry, where AI has been trained to spot certain things that a doctor might have missed. This is because as humans, there are many things that can affect our judgement, like being tired, being stressed, and so on.This becomes especially more critical during surgery, where certain procedures could run for hours and could leave surgeons tired. However, […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology

Nintendo Launches Free Jump Rope Challenge Game For The Nintendo Switch

The lockdown has caused not only financial strain on the world, but also on the mental and physical well-being of people who might otherwise be going out socializing, exercising, and so on. If you’re going a little stir crazy at home right now, the good news is that if you own the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has recently released a free game for you all.The company has announced a free title […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology

The FDA Just Approved The First Prescription Video Game For Kids With ADHD

Video games are still generally frowned upon by parents as an activity that “wastes” time and has no particular benefits. However, it seems that kids who might be suffering from ADHD could soon be turning to video games to help with their condition as the FDA has approved what appears to be the first prescription video game.Developed by Akili Interactive, the game is called EndeavorRX and according to the company, […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology

New Zealand Has More Or Less Eliminated The Coronavirus

Everyday, there are still many people who are getting infected or who are dying from the coronavirus pandemic. There are still many countries out there who are struggling to get it under control, but if there is one bastion of hope, it would be New Zealand as the country has essentially announced that they have eliminated the virus within its borders.This was revealed by the country’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Arden, […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology