Instagram Will Soon Let Creators Sell Products Directly Within The App

The ability to shop and buy products through Instagram isn’t exactly new. However, the company has announced that they will now be expanding on it, where they will allow more people like creators to sell their products through their Instagram profiles. This will no doubt be a welcome move especially with the pandemic, where some shops are still closed.This will give creators more places in which they will be able […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology

Instagram Will Require You To Get Permission Before Embedding Posts On Your Website

Copyright laws can sometimes be a bit confusing, especially with the digital medium that we work with these days. For some, the idea is that if you’re going to publicly share things on social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, technically you should also expect it to be reused or reposted.However, the other side of the coin claims that since it is still technically your work, you should be able […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology

Ads Are About To Invade Instagram’s IGTV Videos

While browsing Instagram Stories, occasionally you’ll come across an ad or two. For the most part, Instagram’s IGTV videos have been kept ad-free, but that is expected to change. While it might be annoying for viewers who hate ads, it might actually be good news for creators who are looking to make a living by making IGTV videos.In an announcement by Instagram, they have revealed that ads will be coming […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology

You Can Now Launch Video Calls In Instagram That Supports Up To 50 People

Making video calls on Instagram isn’t exactly a new function or feature, however in a recent update to the app, Instagram has announced that the video calling feature will now support as many as 50 people at a time. This is thanks to the integration of Messenger Rooms within the Instagram app.For those who are unfamiliar, Facebook launched Messenger Rooms earlier this month. This is a new feature for Messenger […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology

Instagram Introduces New Tools To Fight Online Bullying

Online bullying and harassment isn’t new, but with more people being connected than ever, this is a growing problem that needs to be addressed. To that end, Instagram has announced a bunch of new tools for its platform that will help its users fight against online harassment and bullying.One of those new tools includes the ability for users to be able to delete comments in bulk. Previously, users could only […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology

Facebook, Instagram To Fight Election Meddling With Location Labels

Sometimes it can be hard to find out where a post on social media could be coming from. In the recent years, we’ve seen how some foreign entities have attempted to disrupt elections in another country by spreading misinformation using fake accounts and pages to make it seem like the post originated from the country the election is taking place in.To help combat this problem, Facebook has announced that they […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology

Latest Opera Update Offers Direct Access To Instagram On Your Desktop

If you’re the sort of person who loves keeping social media platforms like Facebook open on their browser tab while they’re on their computer, then Opera’s latest update might be worth checking out. This is because in the latest version of Opera, the company is providing users with a one-click direct access to Instagram.What this means is that instead of users having to keep a separate tab of Instagram open […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology

Court Rules That Photos Posted On Instagram Can Be Freely Shared

Usually when using a photo taken by someone else, it is polite to give credit where credit is due, and generally it’s better to ask for permission first. But the question is, does this apply to all platforms? Is there a difference if you were to share a photo posted on Instagram versus a photo taken from the photographer’s website?According to a recent court ruling, there is, and that photos […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology

Instagram’s New Stickers Want To Help Small Businesses During The COVID-19 Crisis

The problem with a lot of small businesses is that they typically do not have the same cashflow as bigger conglomerates. This means that in times of crisis like the one we are facing now with the COVID-19 virus outbreak, there are many small businesses that are forced to suspend their operations, and might not have enough cash on hand to sustain them for the coming months.What some smaller businesses […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology

Instagram For Web Now Supports Direct Messages

When it comes to Instagram, the best experience is usually on the phone. However, there are times when it might not be so convenient to always check your phone, which is why Instagram also has a web version. Unfortunately, for the most part, Instagram for the web has always felt like a crippled experience.However, for those who were hoping for a more robust version of Instagram for the web, it […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology