US Navy Tests A Laser Cannon That Can Shoot Down Aircrafts

Whenever we watch TV shows or movies set in the distant future, more often than not guns that would have used bullets are replaced with laser blasters. This also seems to be a common trope in space battles where instead of firing projectiles, aircrafts use lasers instead to shoot things down.It’s starting to look like that future could be becoming a reality, because the US Navy has recently confirmed that […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology

Check Out The Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition

If there is a problem with today’s flagship smartphones, is that they are not only incredibly expensive, but are pretty fragile too. This is because the phones were mostly designed to look good, and not necessarily rugged. However, it seems that Samsung thinks they can do both by creating the Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition.Unfortunately, this is a device that most of us will probably not be able to get […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology

The Pentagon Has Officially Released Declassified Videos Showing UFOs

Are UFOs real? Over the decades we have come across various stories, photos, and videos that allegedly show UFOs, but it’s hard to tell if those photos and videos are the real deal. For those who wonder if there might life on other planets or galaxies, it’s starting to look like we might not be alone.This is because the Pentagon has officially released a trio of declassified videos that seem […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology