Xiaomi Could Be Working On A 27-inch Gaming Monitor

Xiaomi is probably best known for creating smartphones, but in case you did not know, Xiaomi has actually created a bunch of other kinds of products like smart bulbs, screwdriver sets, air purifiers, and so on. They have even dabbled in monitors, and according to the latest reports, it seems that we can soon expect a 27-inch gaming monitor from the company.What makes a gaming monitor? Basically gaming monitors tend […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology

LG Partners With eSports Organization ‘Evil Geniuses’

Not all monitors were created equal. If you’ve ever wondered why some monitors are priced more than others, or why some monitors were created for specific purposes in mind, there is a reason. When it comes to gaming, typically gaming monitors feature faster refresh rates and lower response times.This is important in gaming where competitive gamers might need these features, and to drive that point home, LG has announced a […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology