Adobe Finally Brings Curves To Photoshop For The iPad

Adobe’s Photoshop is an incredibly powerful tool that has been used by many professional graphic designs and photographers over the past decade or so. One of the more powerful tools that the app offers is curves, which allows users to better tweak and adjust the colors of their image.The feature was unfortunately absent on the iPad version of the app, but not anymore. If you’re a Photoshop user on the […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology

Someone Created A Keyboard Dedicated To Photoshop’s Toolbars

If you’ve ever dived into the world of custom mechanical keyboards, then you know that dedicated macro pads are pretty common. This allows users to bind specific apps and functions to them, while creating a macro pad using keycaps and switches of their own personal preference.If you are a Photoshop user and a professional that uses the app often, then this is a keyboard you might want to check out. […] Source: Ubergizmo Technology