Galaxy Z Fold 2 name leaked with next-gen specs

The next major Samsung smartphone had a bit of a name leak today to match with a list of specifications leaked over the past few weeks. This device will be the successor to the Samsung Galaxy Fold. It’ll fold like a book, where the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip flipped open like a traditional flip phone. Now there’ll be two devices … Continue reading Source: slashgear gaming

8bitdo SN30 Pro controller gets Xbox One treatment for Project xCloud

The SN30 Pro is perhaps 8bitdo’s most popular controller design, and today, the company announced that it’s getting something of an Xbox One makeover. Officially dubbed the “SN30 Pro for Xbox,” what this controller lacks in title creativity it makes up for in functionality. First and foremost, it seems that this controller is being made primarily for Project xCloud users, … Continue reading Source: slashgear gaming

Xbox Games Showcase date and time revealed: What to expect

The Microsoft Xbox Series X main event – or the latest main event, that is – was revealed today with a final release date and time. This Xbox Games Showcase will show major Microsoft games aplenty – including such monsters as Halo Infinite. You’ll find the event streaming from, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and, as ironically as possible, Twitch. This … Continue reading Source: slashgear gaming

Uber buys Postmates: Here’s why

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen a large uptick in demand for home delivery. For weeks, restaurants in many regions of the country were limited to take out and delivery orders, and if coronavirus cases keep increasing in the US, they may be limited to those options once more. Services like Uber Eats, Postmates, and Door Dash have been in … Continue reading Source: slashgear gaming

2021 Mercedes S-Class teases AR windshield and hybrid range boost

Mercedes-Benz has teased what’s possibly the most important car interior it has developed in years, with the new S-Class’ tech promising a big upgrade over what you’ll find in dealerships today. The new luxury sedan will feature a big new touchscreen display to dominate the dashboard, while the driver will get an augmented reality head-up display. Long the flagship of … Continue reading Source: slashgear gaming

Scientists now know how massive the fastest-growing black hole in the Universe is

A team of researchers led by The Australian National University has determined just how massive the fastest-growing black hole in the Universe is. The team is also determined how much material the black was consuming. According to the scientists, the gigantic black hole is 34 billion times the mass of our Sun and eats approximately the equivalent of one Sun … Continue reading Source: slashgear gaming

Ford gives up new Bronco details ahead of the official unveiling

Ford announced not long ago that it would be officially unveiling the all-new Bronco family on July 13 at 8 PM EDT. Ahead of that official reveal, Ford has shared a new teaser image that shows all three of the new Bronco models touted as being “Built Wild.” The picture shows the two-door Bronco, four-door Bronco, and Bronco Sport. Ford … Continue reading Source: slashgear gaming

New smart fabric can inflate and deflate based on temperature

Researchers from the Wyss Institute have developed a new smart fabric that can inflate and deflate based on temperature-dependent liquid-vapor phase changes. The researchers believe that the new smart fabric could be used to create soft robots using a specially engineered fabric to help with rehabilitation therapies or as enhancements to protect the wearer while performing strenuous tasks. The team … Continue reading Source: slashgear gaming

Chrome on Android is about to get a little bit faster

Whether it’s by user choice or strategic bundling, it’s hard to deny that Chrome has the lion’s share of the web browser market on Android. It is hardly the best in some aspects, like battery efficiency or even speed. It’s not like Google developers aren’t doing anything to change that situation but there are some fixes to this problem that … Continue reading Source: slashgear gaming